Been a while…

Hey guys! We’ve been stationary, yes. Here’s a not-so-secret-secret, we’re going to be traveling again soon! (Shhhhh!) But anyways… Last weekend we went to Beavers Bend for Memorial Day! Yes, Oklahoma again..we really love it there and in Arkansas! We didn’t do much there besides check out some gift shops and cook out… The crowds … More Been a while…

Day 2: Orlando Trip

Hey y’all! Just stopped for the night! LaKe City Florida 🙂 ONLY LIKE 3 HOURS TIL WE GET TO ORLANDO! Tomorrow’s ride will be nice 🙂 Tho its hotter here than I expected! Can’t wait to go get some summer clothes! 😉 Ever thought about how when there’s cheese, its cheeseburger, and with out cheese its … More Day 2: Orlando Trip

On the road again!

Hey everyone! Just left Texas, off to Florida!! We’ve already made it through Arkansas, and we’re currently in Louisiana! Cant wait to get there! We’re gunna have so much fun! But until we get there its music for me! 😛 -Haley

Home <3

Hey! So like now we’re home!! :3 we left the Great Salt plains this morning 🙂 I haven’t gotten out of the car yet O.O and I’m not really ready to “embrace” the heat I have to sometime thou, right? Ehh, wrong 😉 -Haley